Here is a subset of the programming projects that I have worked on in my free time.

xdg (go package)

Package xdg implements the XDG Specifications (also known as the specs) in The Go Programming Language.

Trumpet (Twitter bot)

Trumpet is a Twitter bot that generates tweets based on the accounts it follows. It is designed to support several methods for generating and scheduling tweets. The default generator uses Markov chains to produce tweets. The default scheduler schedules tweets to go out whenever the accounts it follows tweets.

Comic Sticks (xkcd-gtk)

Comic Sticks is a simple xkcd comic viewer written in Go using GTK+ 3.

xkcd-gtk screenshot

xkcd (go package)

Package xkcd is used by Comic Sticks to access the xkcd API. The main benefit of using this package instead of the API directly is to properly handle the text encoding (the JSON package in Go’s standard library expects UTF-8, however xkcd’s API delivers ISO8859-1 encoded text).